Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z

We believe that NFT has the potential to be used for more than just digital creation. We hope to give the world of digital creation a more meaningful commodity, so that collectors who buy and collect NFT can enjoy a different experience from the real and the digital. Therefore, in the NFT Exchange, we have embarked on an unknown sales experiment, trying to find the greatest common denominator in the real and digital worlds, trying to reach out to collectors of different disciplines, to expand the scope of the MAZINGER Z, and to satisfy the preferences and desires of different kinds of collectors.

The experiment of combining physical collectible action figures with NFT sales will not only expand the collector's universe, but will also add to MAZINGER Z: INFINITY in the rich and diverse world of digital creation. Crucially, we have made it possible for collectors not only to buy digital creations, but also to own physical collectible action figures within the world of digital creation. This is a wonderful piece of work that is linked to a physical body in a digital, virtual world, which means that the collector who buys NFT also gets the property rights to the physical world, bringing a deeper meaning to NFT's originally abstract digital content.

Product Specifications | Material | Product Details

Product Specifications: Body measures 50x40x40cm in height and weighs 8-10kg
Material: POLY
Product Details: As shown in the series image below
Expected Shipping Period for the Collectable Sculpture: 2022/Q2
MAZINGER Z : INFINITY The Final Battle Statue NFT Shop
We will airdrop 100 Mazinger Z NFT Blind Boxes to the lucky one!
Once you finish the following missions and fill out the registration sheet, you will get the qualification to join the lucky draw!
Registration sheet:
Step 1. Follow us @Twitter
Step 2. Join our Telegram Channel
Step 3. Join our Discord Server
Remember to write the comment: “Pilot ON!” so let we could find you!
Give Away!! Priceless SSR NFT
Give Away!! Priceless SSR NFT
Bundle of collection-worthy sculpture and 720’ 3D interactive video = SSR NFT
Once you finish the following missions, you will be eligible for the lottery!!
Step 1.Finish the basic mission described above
Step 2.Invite at least 5 friends to our Discord Server
Step 3.Send the message “Pilot ON!” to Discord #Mazin-power-chat
Lottery Event Announcement
There will be 100 blind boxes for Mazinger Z will become Lottery awards.
  • Lottery: Nov 24th
  • Noticed: Nov 25th
  • Airdrop: Nov 27th to Dec 3rd.
Note: we might need your UID(Binance User ID) to deliver the awards.
魔神之力!Mazinger Z NFT Loot Boxes Coming Soon!
Mazinger Z NFT Loot Boxes Coming Soon!
Note: we might need your UID(Binance User ID) to deliver the awards.
Final Battle! Mazinger Z Universe Kick-Off
All fans!! Mazinger Z NFT Infinity Final Battle Collection-worthy sculptures, (averaging a height of 55cm and weight 10 kg), will be bundled with 720 degrees 3D Video and sold in NFT format!! All fans might have a chance to own both virtue and physical collection at the same time.
Discover 9999 Mazinger Z Multiverses!
From the masterpieces of Mazinger Z Infinity, we realized there are multiverses that existed. In the meantime, there is innumerable Photon Power flow that happens in different universes. In this stage, we will launch a lot of different versions of Mazinger Z Robotics. We also provide every collector who purchased NFT in the first stage, based on specific conditions, have the right to redeem the physical product. Any collector who purchased the first stage NFT might redeem the limited edition Mazinger Z sculptures!
Mazinger Z Killer Moves!! Firing On!
“Breast Fire” is the killer move of Mazinger Z. This Move helps Mazinger Z win thousands of battles between Dr.Hell and Robotics. But there are more killer moves are developing for Mazinger Z to keep world peace. With the NFT of a strong robotics body and the killer moves, you could drive Mazinger Z, save the world and protect the human race!!
Dr. Hell Show up Again! Robotics coming!!
As the driver of Mazinger Z, you are on behalf of humans to protect the earth. Dr. Hell will keep stopping you and un-stoping attack Photon Power Lab, so that they could develop new technology and weapons for Mazinger Z Therefore, your top priority is protecting Photon Power Lab. You could purchase weapons, equipment, and tools by Mazinger Coin to enhance Photon Power Lab and Robotics.
Photon Power Level Up! Mazinger Final Upgrading!
Thank you for your brave and effort to protect Photon Power Lab! But right now, Dr. Hell is starting to attack major cities of the world. Therefore, upgrading your Mazinger Z and enhancing the power of killer moves is very important. For now, you need to collect more resources and attack actively to avoid the threat of Dr. Hell. In this stage, based on your upgrading, you could gain the Mazinger Coin more and faster.

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